Despite of war…

Despite of war…

 Despite of destruction….

Despite of all hard circumstances….
Despite of pain….
Despite the loss…
Despite frustration….
Still the voice of love could be louder and stronger if somebody really wants…it’s just a decision!!!
Love unconditionally, sacrifice unconditionally, giving unconditionally,being loyal unconditionally, forgiving unconditionally still exist I believe..
Love is the welling to do
Love is a decision
MAY BE I’m searching for the light in the darkness, I’m searching for love in wars. 
I’m searching for happiness in sadness.
I’m searching for comfort in tiredness.
MAY BE I’m searching for things in the wrong places or maybe I don’t belong to the place I found myself in.
By: Eman Seiam

The Evil of Drones


Ethically morally socially religiously economically strategically democratically humanly

Drones have killed 4,700, U.S. senator says

Dear Citizens of World, Either US soil or not cc


Jun 12, 2013 Strike

Actual Statement:

It says:
Our all counter terrorism operations are carried out after planning, close cooperation and information sharing with Pakistan


Above is statement  by https://USDOSDOT_Urdu
Supportive docs: