Faith is a Path

Faith is a Path

Peace on you

When our path and direction is straight to ALLAH Almighty soon we will be blessed companions of this path by ALLAH. all you need to focus on faith. The day you understood the Faith this world will be easy for you but with Patience and endurance and forbearance. When you have faith on good and bad luck and all matters from all you will eventually your dependency from people will be no more and your all dependency will be only on ALLAH. and they day when your heart and soul connected to ALLAH you do not need a word from anyone and ALLAH is the Only Best companion and to be Loved. Praying is a window or a way by which we open our heart and wishes to ALLAH and our actions are step to follow that so the day your actions are on the straight path you will be blessed with all you want sooner. ALL you need to read the Faith and understand it in adequate and in depth.

Faith According to Islam

God Bless you all.

I don’t know why but the Straight Path

A straight Path and a Direction from Islam

Afflictions and protection from them

No one wins and no one lose but Truth

No one wins and no one lose but Truth

Truth speaks for its truthfulness as truth is its own speaker. 

And who want to seek the truth eventually he will get it. between right and wrong, Right have to stay right and right have to ultimately succeed. As this world is not place of fun but a place do dwell in peace and to learn the path. As a matter of fact oppressor remain the oppressor nor color matters no the places. The time is not the teacher but still it make anyone learn lessons. Half century or 100 centuries the one who is at wrongs know he is wrong and one who is right knows he is right. To all those who sitting in peace and behind a screen can not know the truth unless they see the truth with eyes of heart.
UN or amnesty or states or EU none worry about blood but eventually the oppressor gonna pay for deeds in time short or long. Wait for the HOUR and you will know the truth or have a dare to seek the Truth.

Humanitarians and neutrals sacrificed their lives and know the truth. behind the Media you will stay blind and truth will never be unfolded or disclosed to you unless you have dare to taste the truth.

Speaking louder or lower is not the issue but the TRUTH. and to those who know the Truth and not speaking it are the part and equally responsible for all lives in times of people being used.

Who will seek will be blessed here and hereafter and with Patience and with thirst he will be blessed. Those who want temporary matters and things can enjoy the way they want. and understanding comes to only those who want to understand. Ways comes to only those who seek them and wish and pray from The Only Creator of all Creatures and Mankind.

Peace, Patience and Prosperity comes with understanding

Relationships are Life

Relationships are life … in all times:up and down: keep these relations away From personal like dislike … Smiles,tears,luck,good and bad everything is part of life and relationships are means of life .. No matter how bad relationship status is:Just think for the good times and let it go and wait for the good day with your own initiatives for the betterment of the relations.

The only thing time and our religion teach us is to have Patience and Peace in every aspect of life and role you have. Stay blessed and make this world a better place with bright words and actions 🙂
Live with Patience

Other than words and actions do care people around. Your Parents and you sisters and brothers.
Remember all times are good times and in long run they became memories so make all time memorable.

Another aspect:

A day turn into night and hence forth days goes on.
People one day so close and another day no more close.

Our friends of all times from childhood to the elder age are our siblings. Parents and Bros and Sis.
Friends other than this Circle are also precious for everyone. Helping with our any interest.

Find wait and have someone who says and means to you this 🙂

Something I found Inspiring 🙂


Where is Hijab/Perda in Pakistan media and what we are following now-a-days ?

Where is Hijab/Perda in Pakistan media and what we are following now-a-days ?
Pakistan electronic media:
PTV and all cable operator and their role: Once upon a time we use to watch TV in 1990, 15-30 minutes for cartoons in old times. Technology kept on evolving and traveled from one country to another. Hence it reached to our country. Today roughly more than 200 Cables channels are broadcasted in Pakistan apart of that PTV once we are use to watch in old ages 🙂 . Today when i watch TV i seldom watch a girl in any channel covering her head either an anchor or actor or any role playing. I get worried over this state of us because its us who forgot our own norms and culture. Day after day we are following people who are in a sense deaf to religion and following a blind faith and unknown-Path. Well a real sketch of this whole situation can be portrait-ed as follows: They invaded us with technology and we were never aware of his odds and evens, we given our time and our money and healths. It’s not an end of the story after few years we adopted those hidden changes and then starting modifying our culture and norms, Still it was not worst. A time came when this media start hurting our religion as the ultimate objective was obviously religion. And they played this game very well. It took some time and after two to three decades there efforts became fruitful. Today we realized all and we can easily see and understand their plans for our future generations as we for us.
They are using all electronic media even our own people, media, blogs, websites etc. Need of hour is to strengthen our roots from this media invasion and bring changes from personal level to national level. We should participate for the growth of our nations either in education or technical fields. We should keep us away away from an objective less efforts for hollow believes.
I tried writing many times but most of the time i seen people not talking about it as we are part of a system. We do speak about all wrongs or right aspects but do not pin point the source of all evils. Keep this a hot topic for all medium of communication and channels and papers how to bring our culture back to our media and how make people comfortable with our religion and culture. and how to make people understand the reality of life and how to make people realize that there should not be any difference between what you say and do and what you preach and practice all day. This is a matter of responsibility for everyone even an educated person or person with no education. and obviously every tine effort is an input and it make difference so think, speak and finally start acting.
Don’t you see , Don’t you think, Don’t you plan …!!!!
This is nothing a bigger thing to do to speak about something and put your comments or discuss about things and do read books with knowledge and make it a habit and give it to your new generation as much you can.
Please boys low down your gaze and girls start covering your self and acting as you should and as per religion and our faith. This media will make you a residence of hell one day if you kept on following it and practicing like people acting on it. Please try to solve this riddle and disclose this dilemma of devil. and do question yourself when you do something along the way and make a right choice not by seeing others but from mind and obviously consult Our Holy Quran and sunnah(Hadith).
کہہ کہ (لوگو) آؤ میں تمہیں وہ چیزیں پڑھ کر سناؤں جو تمہارے پروردگار نے تم پر حرام کر دی ہیں (ان کی نسبت اس نے اسطرح ارشاد فرمایا ہے) کہ کسی چیز کو خدا کا شریک نہ بنانا اور ماں باپ (سے بدسلوکی نہ کرنا بلکہ) سلوک کرتے رہنا اورناداری (کے اندیشے) سے اپنی اولاد کو قتل نہ کرنا کیونکہ تم کو اور ان کو ہم ہی رزق دیتے ہیں اور بےحیائی کے کام ظاہر ہوں یا پوشیدہ ان کے پاس نہ پھٹکنا اور کسی جان (والے) کو جس کے قتل کو خدا نے حرام کر دیا ہے قتل نہ کرنا مگر جائزطور پر (یعنی جس کا شریعت حکم دے) ان باتوں کا وہ تمہیں ارشاد فرماتا ہے تاکہ تم سمجھو 
Sahih International
Say, “Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, good treatment, and do not kill your children out of poverty; We will provide for you and them. And do not approach immoralities – what is apparent of them and what is concealed. And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden [to be killed] except by [legal] right. This has He instructed you that you may use reason.”
Surrah AL-An’am Ayat 151

Wisdom and Words

Its life …after a long day …after a week …few months … few years …we have time for us …a time that belong to us …time that we really give to ourselves …we should think about us sometimes as in all runs of life we lost our-self somewhere …away from responsibilities …away far away from peoples …the people which are no where understanding … is crowded with people but never found a single being that has broken the cage ….cage of me …that everything is me and everything about me …Iqbal emphasizes as well on ME …. but THAT ME is a strong character …enrich with social values …cultured with religious responsibilities …equipped with tools of ILM …soul full of wisdom …a calm deep blue sea ….a sky full of passion …a breath making billions not even breathing but living alive life …a life with means a life with integrity a life with culture a life in search of wisdom a life with thirst of facts for realities …a life with steeling believes …a life with rays of innovations ….a life with breath …a breath a deeper breath … That shows tiredness but ultimate satisfaction ….a run of miles but earning of pearl …one day you will be a pearl … Mass will feel you …wake up ….wake up … Make this dream come true …we are betrayed …we are ditched …we are lost … Lost in no where … Lost in lust .. Lost in nothing …lost for nothing … God made us something …given superior status …HE shown us paths …HE explained us all ….HE opened the secrets of everything to us …our thirst is lost in thirsts …

open the heart …search the soul …seek the wisdom …all will be yours …HE knows what we think HE knows what we desires … HE knows all and everything …..