Well its never too late

Well its never too late 🙂

Hope so you will have a wonderful time with friends and with loved ones.

About killing I have a simple answer : Someone invade someones home so expect anything if someone attack you in person or your home by any means or ways you will have right to defend in return by all means possible. The War is for resources it has nothing to do with religions. and secondly religion is a way to follow. You are already by nature on a good way by instincts and understanding nature and kingdoms of animals. Leave all Muslim world behind just try to find what happening around and raise questions to yourself and look for answers yourself rather asking or getting opinion of anyone. I am here because I somehow looked at the conversation though its awkward and against privacy and ethics and code of conduct but thank you to social media. 🙂

Have a lovely Life and stay cheerful and blessed.

And You have home right in your heart, that connect to your soul and Heart is enrich with emotions and feelings and yes expressions and tides of pleasures with modes. There is so much go with every breath to any human being. Well your ways are very straight and as my personal understand Humanity itself is mother of all emotions. Like compassion and mercy all are all ways of expressions and feelings and a language of ours.

Hope so you do not mind. I just share what i felt similarly you got a heart that feels similarly we are all home of emotions and have a world right in our hearts, those worlds are not measurable as well countless like when ever we sleep we land into a different world. there are so much so much and so much with every breath we have to learn and seek around either you name it instinct or knowledge or wisdom or literature or education or anything but this is something we have to learn with all steps we take during the passage or path of our life.

Being Human being we have powers of decisions and choices and restrain and endurance and patience and obviously we may excel our knowledge when ever we want we may invent and we may fly 🙂 so there is a fine line between animals and humans 🙂

and about religion this is something you can easily understand.

There is a very fine line between following a code or do not follow a code. as much i know you are an artist so artist is blessed in ways like he express something divine as something he see or sometimes never seen. so where from this things come from 🙂

Similarly When i talked about Heart and emotions and expression how i miss love 🙂

Love a very beautiful feeling and emotion that can be define but could never be covered with words 🙂
we all have hearts and feelings of love and affection but we can all define it different but in a way all will be same as love is a feeling for peace of mind heart and soul as well body.

Love to all things,objects and creatures around us is a gift that is right in our heart. Tears, smile and laughs and as well sex and relationships and companionship and bonds among people.

Choices and decisions and paths are all yours and you are the decision maker of yourself.
One path can take you a person who is home of good and another feet or decision can take you to a person not good in any ways.
Similarly professions and careers.

These all and so many other powers are not without a reason that we are blessed with power by a power.

There are plenty of ways of understanding : You are manager of your home and if the other person manage it there will be difference and similarly if two person manage a thing there will be surely conflicts.
This world or universe around is working or functional in perfect harmony and and working on a systematic way. Like all entities are living for another or other one. A sun give us light and warmth and photons or planks or packets of energy. Similarly clouds do not ask us anything but give us Rain and cover the sun beam and make us happy with breeze as well snow. Similarly a tree give us wood a plant fragrance and beauty. and being having a compassion and beautiful heart you know all happening around even a petal or leave fall in winter.

Everything and every-bit is happening around in perfect way its not about human-beings or relationships My point is all Autonomous System or Nature. You will see need of tidiness or cleanses and no mess and issues like our daily issues.  Its a perfect system from 10 raise power 24 or 10 raise power -24 like the grains of sand on sea shore or star of gigantic size all living in each other in harmony and keep their identity as unique. All human-being lived or dead or will come to planet earth will all have faces and bodies but nose but all are different 🙂 even they are human being. Even one human being to understand you need to make him read and to another you need to speak loud and make him read or discuss or even crawl with words or discuss on table for hours. Still all are human being have same caliber and bodies and skills but still are different in understanding. All human being are humans but all are unique like finger prints. none of the single person is same you can take examples of people like twins but in way of life they will be different as well finger prints 🙂

Similarly if you painted a master piece you are the narrator or explain-er of idea that was in your mind or there was no idea but for the same picture or paintings everyone else have a different opinions and at the same time you will found many people who have same opinion for 100 paintings that they are all Paintings 🙂

Similarly in folk of people or group of people you can call them a group of people but when you talk to them all gonna be different. Similarly two sparrows or two horse or two mountains or two fountains or two flowers of Rose seems same but they will not be same 🙂

There are numerous ways to understand this life happening or going around us.

There will be sings too when you will seek in these all creatures. All you need a faith. That there is something make this all happens.

We workout all our life to reach or to be someones or to be a profession or to seek a purpose or to seek a way or to seek something or an object. Its all your ways to learn and to excel either make us soothe or satisfy us.

Food we eat we feel happy when we eat sweet and wear a warm dress or have a good drive on a car all things make us happy did anyone told you that it will make you happy or you know all this by yourself. Did anyone told you if you go naked in snow or free of cloths you will be fine or you need to wear something to keep you warm. Similarly in nature you will see animals and birds and others dress up as per the nature need and the environment they live in. And being human we have freedom of choice and expression and decisions. But as animals can not break the code of dresses or go to intermingle with a bird or other species so when it comes to human they have a code you can break the code as well you can live in code and that code is called religions. And religions when you will seek its not against human but its in favor of human. Its very similar like if you abstain a child from something he will do it by all means possible so if someone will force for something you will never understand unless you will give it a free and neutral and natural thought.

The things happening around like a dust tide or events or in straight killing of people is happening when few people exaggerate or tried to oppressed other rights being human. so whenever you will break the code you have to taste the after effects or aftermath. Like if you do not break your car in time what gonna happen or a doctor during operation cut some other organ or nerve or muscle that he/she was not supposed to what gonna happen you will lose the patient and car and a life or object or something. So one follow or not he or she have to live in this code. and there may be many names of code but this code is called Humanity and Humankind.

While covering all how can i left Right and wrong. Do you not know whats right and wrong did anyone told you or you learned it yourself ?

Still you know bad and you can decide to chose a good and bad and try not mind the age I am 30-100 or you but thing is understanding. And you may have notice its only us what we choose from an essay 🙂 like from same essay everyone will get a different opinions and understandings.

This is all about choices and paths and decisions and code to live being human being in humankind.

Have a great and blessed time ahead as you are the writer of your future in present so write it what you want in future 🙂

Have a wonderful Time and life 🙂
Stay Happy and blessed and delight:)

Note: though this article is an answer but still 🙂 hope so it will help anyone else too 🙂

People Soul and Love

People Soul and Love

People say heart is the center of body and heart is home of emotion and heart let connect to people by ways and channels among. and as we need medium to communicate like channels and ways.
As a matter of understanding heart is nothing but soul is everything. Heart pumps blood only. and This Soul is enrich and blessed with diverse channels and un imaginable powers from Allah. A heart can communicate with ways of eyes,ears and hands where as this soul in independent of channels. that can deliver a message to other soul away in distance and sight.
Allah created human being as superior and as a matter of understanding this soul make us superior.
with this superiority comes a responsibility and with this responsibility comes a seek and that seek lead us to the path and that path is so simple and straight and take us to ALLAH Almighty.

Love is Purity of feelings and sentiments. A tear and a smile and so many ways to express these emotions.

In times Love being the most beautiful subject and emotion in humans. Its a sentiment and a feeling and in times its being narrated in beautiful ways and enrich with words. Love is feeling that connect people to people. Love is also a connection to Creator but few of people have this purity of love achieved.
To few people this love lies in things and they will see this love and feel this love in things. To Few people this love lies among other peoples and they search in people. To the very few of the people this love and purity of feeling is devoted to the Creator.

This world in unique in ways :
People get what ever they want
Things will be so attractive to those who love these things
Who want a thing that thing will be everything to that person
Who want a person that person will be everything for that person
Eventually a person will be given with that things and with all goods and bads
A thing and a person comes with a good and bad. so when we love them madly and fall in their attraction we have to face both their attraction and distraction.

Many people like things like:
A pen, a cup, a book, a laptop, a bangle, a bracelet, a pendent, a chain, people love metals like Gold,Silver, People like stones like gemstones: Robbi , diamond(Carbon) etc. There will be n numbers of stones and so many metals and so many things around. Homes, cars, games, Football, Tennis, Cricket etc.

This world is Unique : You can see this world was not created for things but for people to live. But people are not living but falling in love with things and looking for things or falling for people around. As an understanding all things or people are here to be lived with. And the only Ultimate way or Existence to be Love is Creator.
Whoever Love the Creator will eventually blessed and bliss-ed with all these things and people with ways more clear and straight.

Allah(عز وجل) the Only Creator: Time and Universe and Life and Every creature

The Love

Love is not a state its actually nature of your heart …
Its the world of your heart …
Rythms of emotions …
Coloured with feelings …
Its not what all you want …
Its everything you feel and desire everyone to acknowledge …
Its above chemistry and physics of body …its deeply indulged in soul …
Its source to knowledge …
Its an inspiration …its an institution …
Its purity is more than the word pure …
Its something un-explainable with world of words …
Its so blue more then sky and deeper than sea …
No height is higher and no depth is deeper than love …
Love do not need explanations, its a world of fidelity …
I Wish and pray everyone blessed with the Love

Crossing limits

A dilemma i unfolded …a secret i disclosed …
I run fast and faster to cross the limit …i won few hundred meters i had awards … I tried to swim i stayed un-breath …i kept listening the opposite of noise for hours and broken my own records … I do not know the lyrics but i know to sung … I stayed hungry for days to cross the limit …but this limit never approached ….my finding is all my approach were heading to wrong limits …humanity ….life and existence of everything is blissfully cherished in limits …day and night …happiness and cry … I realized the limits on all horizon … Life within four walls and out of four walls …life in my land and the life not lived in my land …when its bosom in limits its source of happiness …its emerges knowledge ..it leads to wisdom …
Life in limits is voyage of crossing the limits ….