Text Of Fatah-Hamas Agreement In English

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Text of Fatah-Hamas agreement  posted on JPOST Following is the text of Thursday’s agreement between Hamas and Fatah as published by some Palestinian media outlets.

1. Government:

Empowering the Government of National Consensus and its ministers, each in his field and in accordance with the powers and functions entrusted to him in the National Reconciliation Document which was signed on April 5, 2011 in line with the Basic Law of the Palestinian National Authority.

Committing to overcoming the obstacles facing its work, as well as the integration of all ministry workers, and enabling all institutions, bodies and provinces to carry out their duties as stipulated in the Basic Law.

Fatah and Hamas affirm the need for the National Consensus Government to accelerate the exercising of its security duties over the areas of  the Palestinian National Authority in line with the laws and regulations, as stated in the reconciliation agreement of…

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Opening up the Open Data Movement

Diary of a Crisis Mapper

In the past year I have been attending a lot of conferences on Open Data and had several discussions with people, from the World Bank to the United Nations, on the IATI standard and how Open Data is (or not) impacting the development and aid work. From the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva, to the UN Transparency Working Group in New York, the issues that development and aid organizations, as well as governments worldwide are struggling with and trying very hard to solve, are not only related on how you open up data and make it available, but how you move from Open Data to transparency and accountability.

As I have mentioned in a lot of presentations the issue for me lies fundamentally under two main paradox: one is the intrinsic understanding from a lot of people in the Open Data movement that Open also means transparent and accountable…

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Social Media for Local Media and NGOs

Diary of a Crisis Mapper

In the last year, working as an Advisor for several organizations I have been training lots of journalists, mainly in small local community media, like community radio stations, and NGOs, on how to use social media for their work. One things needs to be noted: from country to country, and inside the country, from place to place, there is a huge difference in the awareness and use of social media that small local media and NGOs do.

I am referring here to small local media or NGOs because normally those type of organizations do not have the money to hire their own “social media” expert so they rely on their existing capacity to learn how to use those tools. On the side of NGOs is just because they too often think that the Social Media is part of their PR or comms system. Having said that, there are some who have learned how to…

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