Faith is a Path

Faith is a Path

Peace on you

When our path and direction is straight to ALLAH Almighty soon we will be blessed companions of this path by ALLAH. all you need to focus on faith. The day you understood the Faith this world will be easy for you but with Patience and endurance and forbearance. When you have faith on good and bad luck and all matters from all you will eventually your dependency from people will be no more and your all dependency will be only on ALLAH. and they day when your heart and soul connected to ALLAH you do not need a word from anyone and ALLAH is the Only Best companion and to be Loved. Praying is a window or a way by which we open our heart and wishes to ALLAH and our actions are step to follow that so the day your actions are on the straight path you will be blessed with all you want sooner. ALL you need to read the Faith and understand it in adequate and in depth.

Faith According to Islam

God Bless you all.

I don’t know why but the Straight Path

A straight Path and a Direction from Islam

Afflictions and protection from them


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