Who is most responsible person in Pakistan

Open letter to:

Dear Mr Responsible person in Pakistan,

Peace and blessing on you being the most responsible person in Pakistan.
With this Position and status you got a big responsibility
Being very responsible person you are not a common person
who can do mistake and only he have to pay for it
Being very responsible person this is your prime duty to do your job honestly
Being very responsible person you have to fulfill the oat
Being very responsible person when you chair a meeting or jury or a at a decision chair
Do it fair and deal its will caliber of your responsibility

You are fully aware of the situation, when responsible people keep silent or do not use power that has been given to them by ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

Dear Responsible person we do not know what designation or post you are blessed with and currently enjoying. But we can see that time you are living in gonna be past, as you are the Responsible person we do not want your name in past as considered as a person called so Responsible but have no quality or action of responsibility all the carrier rather doing everything for nothing.

Killing of innocent
Rule of Law
Life of Peace
Peace with prosperity
Supremacy of Law

Words without actions are just stories and stories are just stories not history so being Responsible person of this country if you want to be famous and golden in history of mankind than write it well and better use this Responsible status and position for humanity being oppressed and waiting for your one order and all silent and crippled and needy hands will be with you as well the Will of the Creator.

Being Responsible we realize you must be restless and so awakening and awaking to help people and humanity. The part of world you are living needs you being the Only Responsible person of this state.
Being the responsible citizen we are writing and expecting you steps towards the actions and your voice as responsibility comes with actions and endurance and wiser steps.

People of Pakistan are raising their voice and using freedom of expression to stop this oppression under your Responsible Umbrella of law and Justice.

Raise your voice before the time has come and its to late.

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