Silence is worst form of the violence: Words i Never Said

I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence.

Below picture is a true state of us. 

I am raising a question to look for answers. making a question so people can look for answers why vote and why not vote and if A and B are same why to vote and if system is same what vote for. If Mr C and D is doing campaign to get elected and in past me A and B started few oppressor deeds and C and D are elected on basis they gonna eradicate or overcome from those and there will be peace and C and D gonna wages some other oppression or someother humanity on some other land of humans so A and B and C and D are all the same issue is not these characters or Alphabets but the Systems and its Roots so *Mark Twain* pointed it at his time. So why not saying and claiming and slogans of change rather changing the system and work to eradicate by raising voice and sorting our the root causes of this bloodshed and truly working and help the humanity and humankind.
Mr A or Mr O elected again through a very precise but deceptive mechanism of voting and what he gonna do nothing but cleaning the garbage of the past one and starting the new garbage/oppression to people of his nation as well to other nations. WHY not anyone talk about who is doing censorship for the nation? WHY not anyone ask before waging a war on any part of humanity or land and people ? Why not they ask for any change in system? And why not no one and none of them raise the voice and fear of what ? being eliminated ? being cleaned ? or being terminated for the seat? So May Answer is yes and again yes. If anyone of them is raising voice to change the system and trying to get elected for only this cause that its a *CHANGE* and People belong to any nation are suppose to elect and select and vote.  And why not raising question to let the people get answer.

Answers meet to us when we look for them and our thirst is what we need and this thirst is called A change and this change comes when we break the ICE or when we break the cycle or when we break that System.

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Don’t believe any govt trash talk

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Silence is worst crime and a time come when we have to pay for the silence we kept when innocent being killing near or far from you. So speak before your time is over.

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 Silence is worst form of the violence

Silence is a Violence

Media at east or west act with responsibility. world taking care but who for Help them before its too late 
Whats very important for us A life, our food, Humanity, games, our kids, discussions, talks or To Take care the Victim of killing
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Are we all waiting for the HOUR or gonna talk about oppressor or a victim who can not help them and why not raising voices for Y?
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WHY and WHY you do not talk about massive bloodshed, Is our daily jobs are more important than , Its Time