Pakistan Media Backed by USAID a Disaster

Pakistan Electronic Media Backed by USAID/Sates/America/lobbies/Agencies is a disaster. So review it what you are watching all day on Media. So better to speak where you have the liberty to speak its Internet and Social Media. Though its also limited but not in their hands all times. So share and do speak what you have and do not be a puppet and dummy and a machine life. Speak out and spread the Truth. So how they controlled West and their own counties and people then why not Pakistan. We all know but we do not speak is the level of Emaan we have left with. Its never ending debate but still decide where you want to be. And we are accountable of our action even what we share all day thats all they want us to do eat/wear/share/speak/like/dislike/hangout/Family/Events/Traditions/Culture/Education and a lot. Represent us with our colors and our colors can never be place we live but Faith we have. Islam.

If we talk about society and culture of Pakistan and specially people on media electronic media all are going against Islam Teaching Honestly. Though people may feel offended but I m part of this culture too. Like the way we dress up and we represent our culture through media and normal life . Israel follow what their Faith teach them but unfortunately we do not. We are far away from teaching and commandments of Islam. We may kiss sometimes Quran but we will not act on it. We fear from people and world but we do not fear from Allah Almighty. We are by born Muslim but not by faith and selection. Our names are Muslim but our actions are far away. Anyways I just wana write so do not get offended whatever all believes.  Media is home of falsehood and all channels propagating it under a propaganda. Why Muslims are so simple they can never understand any thing. and following a rejected life style blindly either of East or west. Islam is code of conduct and a Rule of Allah Almighty to follow. Kindly share positive and workout to propagate good and share positive.

And how its working in world: This way as Japan is speaking to world the lobbies and professional lairs and trained machines called professionals even part of media any way singers, showbiz, professional, products, models and ICONs and Hallmarks all are part of this dilemma and discrepancy of falsehood.

Deceptive Media

If we talk about society and culture of Pakistan/Islam. We will see a very different picture than actual on media especially Pakistan or Muslim World. And what going on and what media showing and how many people are working to make it look this way like people behind this media. But question how long and how deceptive and why we should and why we should not get deceive from it.
And this Media will cover all aspects either its print, social or electronic Media.

People on media/electronic media are going against Islam Teaching and this percentage is above 95% and you can say majority of it. Though people may feel offended but I m part of this culture too. Like the way we dress up and we represent our culture through media and normal life. We are far away from teaching and commandments of Religion and Faith we follow. We may kiss Holy Quran/Books/Scripture but we will not act on it. The one we like or suites as will be followed and remaining we wont. Even we will never search out the truth behind of a matter.
We may Fear from People and World but we do not Fear from Allah/God Almighty. We are by born Muslim but not by Faith of selection and faith of the Right. Our names are Muslim but our actions are far away. Anyways I just wanna write so do not get offended with believes you have.  Media is home of falsehood and all channels propagating it under a propaganda. Why Muslims are so simple they can never understand any thing. and following a rejected life style blindly either of East or west. Islam is code of conduct and a Rule of Allah Almighty to follow. Kindly share positive and workout to propagate good and share positive.

Like whats going on and whats showing are all deception of times. Its not today but always in past and will remain in future. Look right and wrong and light and dark has always there. Truth will always prevail like light and dark has an end even how long it will remain and how dark it is.

This is a picture showing a exact picture of the situation going on.

I know if my country is doing this and I will feel offended. So its nothing I am doing wrong by sharing or disclosing a truth. If an evil is propagating in my land I will and I should write about it and will share to masses and let the truth speak to the world. Even people the people living on these countries do not know whats going on and they also shout/protest but still the Dark seems powerful and prevailing but not at all. A little light break its magic and there is no more darkness so starting it with high spirit.

The Media has not only to show the things to world but like a doctor we need to give a remedy for the victim/patient.

All looking but morally dead and working as an employee not being a human being. like showing a person killed and injured but do not do the right job. I am not saying all are same but majority.

Note:This piece of writing is not for offending and raising conflicts but a voice to know the truth.

Still Media is free as this link is claiming the world is free:

“Look they are talking about Freedom/Privacy/Rights and about information and they can live the way want in states even and they talking about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of choice and Freedom of Drones 🙂 But Above all they want people to live their way and freedoms definition as they define. Like Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg also said

*We(They) are the norms of world and we will decide/define norm to world* 
Even people living and their own people can not live without this curse and the have to be part of the system. They can never Isolate them from this Evil Systems for Centuries but Only The Faith can work here for them.

So how to walk against the wind majority will walk beside the wind. Choice is always our and we may not always claim as the Majority was doing this so we should do the same. Consider the light and dark and you know the path. And remember light will make your inner satisfy and dark will never as its Hollow and you will be blessed with emptiness.

The Message you will always get from your unconscious/conscious/surrounding will always be wake-up and we always can not hideout and ignore it.But to walk and struggle for truth and remember we are always not on right side though we always and devil always make us understand we are righteous and will be blessed.

Stay Blessed. and Wake up.

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Russia continues to support the Regime

Russia continues to support the regime: Russia warned that it would not cooperate with European Union sanctions requiring EU governments to search vessels suspected of carrying weapons into Syria, a defiant stance that is likely to spark anger in the West and a clear indication that Russia shall continue to ship arms to the Syrian regime.
The regime escalates the scale of violence with fighter jets and the threat of using chemical weapons: The Syrian regime shifted its tactics this week when it began using MIG fighter jets on civilian areas and threatened to use chemical weapons against any potential foreign military intervention. This shift indicates the regime’s determination that it must use all weapons at its disposal to wipe out the rebels, who continue to gain ground, hold territory and seize key border crossings. The escalation of the fighting is expected to lead to more damage and casualties.

Russia and China must pay a price for helping Assad… The world will see

They are fighting to capture resources either OIL or any thing. They cant see human killing and atrocities done for the name of resources or for the name of peace any where on earth. They may wage war on any territory without any trouble and name it anything they want. Nuclear/World Powers are playing as a stronger play with weaker. But above all Allah is Best Planner of all and human cant run away once their fate is decided. And obviously one has to pay the wages of killing on earth of any human being belong to any religion and living on any standard of life.

Every one stands on others back and fulfilling/achieving his own aim/goals strategic/military/economic like China/States/Russia were and still behind Pakistan. and still working against many Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Still its seems a war of resources but above 95% target is Muslims and still they call us Berbers/terrorist/fundamentalist.

Honestly speaking don’t bother to look at media we need to start for us. you can sit on Google and in an hour you will find the owners of all media channels and that will make you clear why they should work for our cause are we paying them or they will do all volunteer for us.