I don’t know why

I dont knw why this happens

I dnt knw why people we love suddenly disappear

i dnt knw why they turn their faces

i dnt knw why hearts stop beating

i dnt knw why luv happens to hv an end this way

i dnt knw what make us get angry

i dnt knw what make spaces so huge

i dnt knw what break us

i dnt knw what tear us without tears

i dnt knw why stars are so high

i dnt knw why people dnt talk

i dnt knw why v use word why 😛

What was the word before why 🙂

why star start laughing sometimes

why air take you high sometimes

why stars get shy when cloud around

the heart speaks and how well it speaks

never found a clue

how hearts speaks so true

true true and always so true

how hearts get truce

O sky bless with bliss

bliss out of walls

walls of heaven so tall

keeping life so crawl

the crawl of all walks

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