Trust and Trusting us

We trust and keep trusting us. Blindly trusting own self can become a big resistance for self improvement. For character building we must critically examine our self, our intent, our deeds with guide of religion. Otherwise our confidence may lead us to such result may be we can understand it or see it but your trust take you to the right path with believe.
Our words and also our attitude towards others and life with our actions.
An innocence a beauty and truthfulness with simplicity what all this picture may have.
My words may not work with all painter portrayed with heart. A girl in rain with heart so live 🙂
Mood changed so do the post 🙂
We may blame the whole world for anything but a time comes in life when you start you life with heart open and full of understanding with realizing things and people around. May this time come in health and wealth of life with all colors with Fazal of Almighty Allah.
This is not the only pray i do for people but this is what my heart speaks to me when no one around to my soul.

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