Relationships are Life

Relationships are life … in all times:up and down: keep these relations away From personal like dislike … Smiles,tears,luck,good and bad everything is part of life and relationships are means of life .. No matter how bad relationship status is:Just think for the good times and let it go and wait for the good day with your own initiatives for the betterment of the relations.

The only thing time and our religion teach us is to have Patience and Peace in every aspect of life and role you have. Stay blessed and make this world a better place with bright words and actions 🙂
Live with Patience

Other than words and actions do care people around. Your Parents and you sisters and brothers.
Remember all times are good times and in long run they became memories so make all time memorable.

Another aspect:

A day turn into night and hence forth days goes on.
People one day so close and another day no more close.

Our friends of all times from childhood to the elder age are our siblings. Parents and Bros and Sis.
Friends other than this Circle are also precious for everyone. Helping with our any interest.

Find wait and have someone who says and means to you this 🙂

Something I found Inspiring 🙂

And above all one should not judge you and rather let you judge your action to yourself.

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