Health and Time

Looking around human life and obviously our life …
The utmost variable for life :health and time …
We can earn and learn everything but with no knowledge for our healths and lives.
It makes everything green around us if these two factors are with us …
We begin and have an end with time and of course health …

Every stage of life worth millions if we are going good with both of them. Our career, our relationships and many thing in cycle of life depends mostly on them …

So do care your health and time because once they gone you can never make them return at any cost .

2 comments on “Health and Time

  1. very nice of you.time has no pause, it keeps running till we run out of time and persish.However, within the duration of life-time health becomes a major challenge from day one till the final moment.GUZRA HUAA ZAMANA AATAA NAHEN DOBARAHBeter live your life spending time wisely taking care of health. –visit my new post—-

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