A straight Path and a Direction by your own steps

We are all running towards something. Stop for a moment and ask yourself what *you’re* running towards. Is it your career? Is it marriage? Is it wealth or status? Is it dunya? Now that you have stopped, turn around. Turn and face the right direction, towards what is Real and lasting, the Source of all other things, the Home, the starting point and the ending point. And now start running again. This time in the right direction. This is tawbah. This is success.
Human being are blessed with qualities like Good voices, Faces/Beautiful,  Minds, Status, Money etc but most of us are just living purposelessly. Walking in no direction in most of the time. Some are trying hard to change the world but never tried changing their selves. Long story short we are the maker of our path , Allah given us this chance/Life to make it heaven or hell.

 Stay thankful to Allah in all ways possible either you get something or at any moment you lost something. Because he know better for you so have faith. But people do respect and have patience for people who cared you are caring around you. Later in life you will have things but you will lose people who looked after you never showed but acted very well for you. May be they are parents, May be they are friends or colleagues or strangers but good acts and good suggestions are you are building blocks and being Muslim knowledge is our everything day to day or in long run.
Heaven or hell this is all define by our own actions and day to day life. No matter how hard we try but our body language take us to our destiny. As you grow your wisdom should be grown and you are much flexible and grown men or women. Bottom line stay tight to the straight path mentioned in Quran and sunnah.
One practical thing whatever you will feed this body you have to face the consequence another day. Whatever we do,wear,talk or act it have effects on our body as well soul and life we hereafter so focus and learn. There is not a single person who never did a mistake or never took a wrong step but how quickly you learn from your conscious is the key to success and try to stay patience with your own self and others because sometimes time will decide things for you.
Long story short your steps are path you wanna go and these steps are your own decisions and these decisions will reflect in your personality and hence forth a path lead you to heaven or success in world terms.

Health and Time

Looking around human life and obviously our life …
The utmost variable for life :health and time …
We can earn and learn everything but with no knowledge for our healths and lives.
It makes everything green around us if these two factors are with us …
We begin and have an end with time and of course health …

Every stage of life worth millions if we are going good with both of them. Our career, our relationships and many thing in cycle of life depends mostly on them …

So do care your health and time because once they gone you can never make them return at any cost .

Islamic Astrolabe

An astrolabe is an astronomical tool, the rudiments of which were first developed by the Greeks in the 2nd century BC, in order to track the position of the stars and planets. With a stereographic projection, one could calculate the current date and time, as well as the time of celestial events such as the next sunrise. Astrolabes as mechanical devices were fully developed by the Islamic civilization in the 8th century, and diffused out from there into Europe and Asia.
Astrolabes became important to travelers on the Silk Road when they became navigation tools, including a component that could report what latitude the traveler was on. Such devices are often called mariner’s astrolabes. Thus, the Silk Road’s network of trails through the vast regions of Asia could be traced with their help.