A Wonder and what a wonder this life is

A Wonder and what a wonder this life is ….


Beauty is all about an inner feeling a sensation …that make u feel better …a moon behind clouds a sunset …a fountain …a bird …smiling face …success is that make you soothe …a feeling that make your inner satisfied …relations give means to our life …sometimes make us and sometimes break us …every step lead us to learn …things we never learn from words …life is all about learn …we sit we talk we walk we feel we laugh we cry …happiness is better when it come after a cry it sustain and reside in your life …

Whats life ..its composition of all colors around you … It  means life when you color it with nature …whats nature …its a cool breath that give you happiness … First drop of rain after a long hot day … life is a laughter that comes from inside you after hearing something from part of past from a an old friend …

2 comments on “A Wonder and what a wonder this life is

  1. hmmmmm posting pis is tooooo good cute and provokingly beautiful 🙂 i gona set it as my dp :pwell according to me life is a two side of a coin both sides swings between Bad or evil zaher or baten Every one have a to perform its own duty being a performer he or she have to pretent theirselves as a good audience and presenters both 🙂

  2. Aisha Bilal Thank you for the visit and you can join as a member 🙂 Its totally free 🙂 Thank you for the comments 🙂

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