My name is Gulnaz and I am a Uyghur Muslim

My name is Gulnaz and I am a Uyghur Muslim. My place of birth is East Turkestan but the world knows it as Xinjiang because China says so. When I was a child, entering my teenage, an eleven year old, my family flea “Xinjiang” and till then I had seen enough. Till then an 11 yr old girl had seen enough to understand that she was not safe in China. Today my age is 23 yrs and even after so many years, Xinjiang still Haunts me.
I remember being not allowed to attend school because I had to work in fields with my father. Sometimes I would work alone if my father was unwell. My little hands weren’t able to help much but I had no choice. I remember the eyes of Chinese guards looking at us in the market , it made me feel like I belong to a different planet which is disliked by them. This happened only because we were Uyghurs and Muslims. One Night, they stormed our house , checking every nook and corner. My mother hide me in the basement , gave me a little bottle with liquid in it and instructed me to drink it if an officer tries to touch me. Thankfully, nothing happened and we were told that these are normal search operations. But soon a horrific incident followed which forced us to flea the country.
One of my aunts in neighborhood was pregnant with her second child and her family was planning to send her away as Uyghurs weren’t allowed to have a second child. Somehow the Chinese officials came to know about my aunt and they forced her for abortion. In a dingy hospital room, one night, she died. Patime was 6 months pregnant and doctors operated her while risking her life.
This incident shocked my family and my father decided to leave China. We immediately fled to Turkey but kept changing places, sometimes countries, every two years or so.
All this time we kept hearing news about China’s crackdown on Uyghurs, Urumqi Massacre, demolishing mosques, arresting innocents and about their raids to find Uyghurs living abroad too. My father warned us to never reveal our Uyghur identities and refrained from teaching us about the Uyghur culture too. The terrifying news of Thailand detaining 300 Uyghurs and sending them back to China instilled fear in us again. The fact that no protests or hunger strikes by detained Uyghurs could save them made it clear that once China finds about our family then we will be punished too.
Despite of all the hardships we faced, My father never compromised with our education and he made sure that we got a good schooling. He thinks that only good education can lead us out of this path of slavery or fear. Today, he wants me to become a teacher so that I can contribute in making our world a better place for everyone. Although, I think that I am an activist from inside and whenever I listen or come across a news of Injustice , my blood boils and I become determined to do something. Our world has been seen as divided between First World and Third World countries but Uyghurs aren’t given place in any of those spheres. We are people living in a fourth country which has been left to suffer by the world leaders but Why? Aren’t Uyghurs Human beings too? So few years back, the Uyghur in me took over and I made my account on Twitter(@iamgul8).
Here I try to talk with as many people as I can to convey the struggle of Uyghurs in China. Why should we suffer just because we are Uyghurs or Muslims? What is our crime? Out of many people I contacted , some of them always asked about my story, so this is for them. But I can’t tell anything else because that can leave my family in trouble.
After this story, my chances of being chased by Chinese officials are increased and I may go silent . But our story is important . The world has long enough ignored Uyghurs and now they have to stand with us. Like many Uyghurs another Gulnaz may get abducted,tortured or killed but her fight, our fight against injustice must be continued by someone and it has to be you!
In search of a safe world,
Gulnaz Uighur

15 things You Need To Know About China’s Torture of Uyghur Muslims

By Gulnaz Uyghur

The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is China’s largest provincial unit, accounting for one sixth of the Chinese territory. This region does not belong to the country as it was occupied in 1949. Uyghur Muslims are the ethnic population of this region and call this land, East Turkestan. Even after its occupation, the demands for freedom has always been alive and keeps growing due to the ruthless suppression of Muslims by the Chinese Government.

Below are the 15 ways through which Chinese authorities torture Uyghurs and suffocate them in their own land.

1. Forced Labour is Mandatory for Uyghurs

In Xinjiang, it is compulsory for Uyghur residents to participate in unpaid labor, called hashar. They are not provided any compensation for their labor and forced to pay for their own transportation and meal costs. Workers who are injured are also required to look after their own medical expenses. In some cases, if someone sends a family member to work, then Uyghurs need to pay a fine for that.
2. Children are also pulled out for forced labor

Uyghur families that do not have an able bodied young men are also not exempt from the system. Men and women as old as 70 and children as young as 12 are reported to have participated. Uyghur secondary school students are at times pulled out of classrooms in order to meet laborquotas.
3. Teenagers are arrested due to posts on social media

Young Uyghurs are arrested for posting comments on social media or watching Islamic videos online. Once a 15 yr old was arrested in the same case and sentenced for 10 years!.Other than this not many people are given internet connection and Police can arrest anyone for watching anything online! Uyghur homes are also raided for materials deemed “extreme” or “subversive.

4. Muslim farmers are required to sell below market rates

Government regulations require many Uyghur farmers to sell their produce to local governments at below market prices. This results in extreme poverty for the Uyghur families as they are not able to earn appropriate money to feed their own families.
5. Farmlands are confiscated by the government

It has become common for Chinese authorities to confiscate farmland and property of Uyghurs. These assets are then redistributed to Chinese migrants. Uyghurs who petition these practices are often charged without trial for “harming ethnic unity”.
6. Discrimination of Uyghurs

On paper, the Chinese migrants are shown equal to Uyghurs. In reality, they enjoy far more entitlements than Uyghur farmers. The Chinese migrants not only enjoy the freedom to harvest any crop, they can also take out bank loans and are entitled to greater water resources.
7. A man was shot for keeping a beard

No man, in Xinjiang is allowed to keep beard. Uyghur men refusing to shave their beards are frequently harassed, intimidated, with one man having been shot by police in one instance. According to the Chinese Government keeping a beard is a sign of being an extremist.
8. Most Uyghur don’t know about their basic rights

Most of the Uyghur population, especially those of the older generation, lack a basic knowledge of human rights and don’t even know their rights as citizens according to the constitution. This is because they have never been given these rights and lack of education has also played a very large role in it. Most of the times they are exploited by claiming that it’s a law.
9. Nikah is considered illegal in China

In April 2014, Chinese authorities instigated a system of rewards, some exceeding more than 50,000 Yuan (USD 7500), for whistle-blowers who reported on a range of illegal religious activities including the wearing of beards and the practice of Nikah, a traditional religious marriage ceremony. Chinese authorities take harsh steps to ban religious freedom in East Turkestan.
10. Muslims are ordered to sell Alcohol

Chinese authorities in Hotan County, Hotan Prefecture ordered shopkeepers to stock alcohol and cigarettes in a campaign to “weaken religion,” as Uyghur residents refrained from drinking and smoking for religious reasons. All these actions are a part of ‘Strike hard campaign’ by the government, which is actually a campaign against Uyghur Muslims.
11. Muslim names are banned

The Chinese Government has banned Muslim names in the region. The security officials go from house-to-house ordering parents to ensure that their children’s names do not fall on a list of 22 banned names. Which include mostly Muslim names. Uyghur parents are not even allowed to name their child according to their wish.
12. Imams are imprisoned

No one in Xinjiang is allowed to teach Quran outside the mosques. And children below 18 years old are not allowed to enter the Mosques. It is a crime to give any kind of teaching related to Islam in Xinjiang. Often parents are harassed for even keeping the Quran at home. Religious leaders often serve prison sentences for the peaceful observation and practice of Islam.
13. Every year Ramadan is banned

During the holy month of Ramadan, restaurants in Hotan have been forbidden from being shutting down. Workers are forced to participate in educational activities on atheism. Government servants, students and anyone working for the party is not allowed to celebrate Ramadan. Various competitions related to eating and drinking are organized in the region to force feed people during the month.
14. Women are forced to abort their child

Pregnant Uyghur women in stages of gestation as late as 9 months have been forced to undergo abortions in some cases under China’s one-child policy. This practice is still brutally followed in Xinjiang and Uyghur women are sometimes forced to flee their homes due to this.
15. Uyghurs are not allowed to leave China

In 2014, Chinese authorities in Hotan began limiting Uyghurs’ ability to travel, both domestically and abroad through passport restrictions. These restrictions have increased now as the police authorities are collecting the passports of Uyghurs and keeping them in the office. At present , it is impossible for Uyghurs to travel abroad as first they would need to face interrogation which will most probably result in their arrest.

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The Slow-Burning Genocide of the Rohingya
By Dr Maung Zarni
Co-author of “The Slow Burning Genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya”, Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal (University of Washington Law School, Spring 2014)

Rohingya Tears

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Published Date: Jun 3, 2014

Learn what it takes to BE YOUR BEST #PIDW2015 #IPS

Learn what it takes to BE YOUR BEST #PIDW2015

Be Your Best by Abdul Samad Khan
Dated:  2ndFebruary 2015
NOTE: this post is rough notes of workshop

Team Work
HR=> Technical Aspect/Assessment
     => Personal Traits
1 Truth Speaker
2 Honest
3 Hardworking (Commitment)
Initiative/Effort to leave comfort zone
Learning begins: When kid is 6 months old in womb he begin learning
Abdul Qadir Jeelani:
History and science proves it: Sabiqoon ul awaaloon
Personality with the name of ALLAH (Azaan)
e.g Media programs by visuals about 70%
> Seek options like they may negotiate
> Set mind or mind set
> Objective/Purpose (Out of the box)
> Purpose, will to achieve the purpose
A > Initiative
B > Focus on objective
C > Alternative options
Looking beyond visible
Try not to deviate from focus
The Era of distraction
The era of Mass Deception
Find ways and follow the counter of this mass deception
Lack of resources/ Challenges by alternatives
Wisdom and knowledge is out of the comfort zone
Options are there but we see them not
Why its necessary to follow the rules!
When the purpose is only to have job I mean to earn for the living!
Always in need of people to achieve the goals and the common people on those goals.
A teacher is a best teacher to self, you open a window of opportunity to learn and explore the possibilities like the unseen.
Einstein : One state of mind could not find the solution of a problem, so we need others to solve the problem.
I see the problems as possibilities, options and paths
Break the ice
Ø  Every human is unique though all are humans/same.
Ø  Creativity is praised by Creator.
Ø  لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنسَانَ فِي أَحْسَنِ تَقْوِيمٍ
(Surely We created man of the best stature)
It’s not the purpose so focus on the purpose and forget the presentation.
Your decisions are based on the environment you are given so we may put responsibility on them but every person/soul has a choice.
See who is holding the ropes
See who controls what we see and what to show
Patience is the path
Anger leads to the bad results.
It’s a responsibility, Muhammad PBUH was more trialed than any other prophet.
Purpose is the core and path to decide with patience.
Humans are not good and bad but their actions respectively, we are responsible for our actions/deeds.
We decide the color and path for our life to follow.
Unable to create the object/idea?
Open the creativity box and let later decide the boundaries.
Point: we always worried about boundaries like we may not intercepted or cross a rule or a boundary and we may not let that idea develop further and farther.
Leadership/ Social Entrepreneurship
By Nisar Moosa
Dated:  10th February 2015
Ø  Leadership is philosophy not the people
Ø  Islam/religion is a philosophy and it answer the questions humankind was in search of.
Ø  Leadership is a path
Ø  Conspiring the words to distort the image of thoughts/ideas especially to religion.
Ø  Rational thought for freedom of expression
Ø  Objectives are good or bad not the objects/people
IPLI: Institute of political leadership India
Ø  Emotions/sentiments use for different purposes and hide the objectivity
Bangladesh: Discrimination was initiative of Bangladesh.
Ø  By assigning the tasks we make leaders( done by Mohammad PBUH)
Ø  Leadership by projects and make people responsible.
Layaq Layaq Philippines : Jay Jaboneta
Yellow Boat NGO Philippines
How to lead?
Struggle to reach school that was 2km away
Ø  Problems are possibilities if we know the problem, so one after another you choose and follow path or a possibility.
Ø  As a purpose is not small or big, similarly the path.
Ø  It’s the purpose the core of a change.
Ø  Sunnah: Orphans care: Care war detainees: Care all those who are oppressed and needy.
Ø  It’s are actions that matter not the names personalities or the people.
Ø  Resistance is always there because there is a room of improvement.
Ø  Social Change by people with purpose
Ø  Purpose and will to change with determination
Ø  Rule of #Change will bring the social change
Ø  Hope is a path, always make people hopeful.
Ø  Appreciate the thoughts encourage the actions good, lead them to goodness.
Ø  A change is always difficult in beginning because people do not adopt it.
Social Leadership:
Ø  Nature, creatures is in a balance, The environment/group is to encourage the thought/purpose.
Ø  Ecosystem to co-relate with social leadership and the change
Ø  Media conspiracy and repetition is useless to discuss but thought process reshapes, also thought could be good or not good.
Ø  A thought or idea but it needs a platform
Ø  If you focus on the purpose the mid way hurdles are nothing to worry about.
ECO System:
Ø  Problems
Ø  Hurdles
Ø  Thoughts
Ø  Determination
Ø  Ideas and path
Ø  Hope
Ø  Challenges
Ø  Enjoy the spirit
Ø  Appreciate the change
Ø  Opinions are good
Ø  Discourage is to evolve the courage
LAYARI: The ecology develops and breeds the thoughts.
Encourage the initiatives=> contribution=> Solution finder=> A thought/ An Idea.
Examples: Akhowat, Edhi, HakeemSaeed, AdeelRizvi, SIE Sindh Institute of Urology(Free Checkup/Operation)
Ø  Your company will pushes you, question you and challenge your thoughts.
Ø  History famous names were not famous but they valued their thoughts and give them a life.
Ø  Social Leadership is giving a life to a social issue and solution.
Ø  Self Made
Ø  Institute for society for a social change ISSC
Ø  Social Challenges
Ø  Think=>Initiative=>Implementation=>Social Change=> entrepreneur
Ø  Positivity, initiative, thinking/Creativity
Ø  Problems are possibilities and it make new paths while we may face hurdles
Ø  Risk Taking and Continuity
Ø  Purpose given use vision, vision is a path to wisdom.
Ø  Encourage the initiative also facilitate it
A book: Medical Ethics and Islamic Perspective/Shifa
Ø  Discover what is your Personal Legend
Ø  How to Maintain work-life balance, while avoiding mediocrity track?
Ø  How to sustain ethical and value based pursuit of excellence?
Ø  Theoretical Paradigm
Ø  Insight in life
Ø  Keep learning keep walking
Ø  Keep your student inside you alive
Ø  Inheritance
Ø  Risq/رزق  the word in Arabic and Urdu, lawful/unlawful
Ø  Society/Environment/Community
Ø  Education
Problem: Duality of mind due to form of education system/structure (Pakistan)
Ø  Opportunities
Ø  Keep excellence till end
Ø  Keep looking for improvement to find the excellence
Ø  Capitalist thought Invest/return
Ø  Personal Strength/Researched a lot
Ø  Workout on weakness or workout on strength
Ø  Western theory keep on changing like independent on religion, thought/concepts
Gallup Personality Test/
Ø  Strength by opportunity
Ø  Daai-e-Azam Muhammad PBUH
Ø  What you enjoy/love to do or the activity we enjoy to do
Ø  Balance between Important and Urgent
Ø  Where you heading to?
Ø  Life expectancy depends on purpose you adopt
Ø  Legacy after you and setup the relevant goals
Ø  Planning: a common saying west work for 1 hundred or 2 hundred years. Muslim Philosophy/thought, plan for hereafter all of them like for thousands of years.
Ø  Maintain the personality and be the same for all
Ø  Work-Life ball is fragile, consider it a ball made of glass(it break once never return to original), so make a balance and be realistic  and your canvas should and must have a big scope
Ø  Maturity => Helpless/Miserable
Taking all with passage of time, After sometime we learns the give and take, and finally he only gives, Maturity is among people who give.
Ø  Evils of capitalism after evils of communism
Declaring the number of assets to motivate the employees: Capitalist
Ø  Corporate is to make money and earn profit
Ø  Giving is a diverse paradigm so give the diversity in giving its not necessary that we give things giving words of wisdom is more necessary.
Ø  Have you seen the philosophy of sellers on road?
Ø  Poor is the happiest, giver and content heart
Ø  Ethics are brought by religion and crimes are less and least in Muslim countries/region.
Ø  Fasting: to keep a limits(/Sharah/had: the limits set by ALLAH) all life so a Muslim is in form of a fasting
Ø  % of goodness/truth speaker above 60% will make majority speaking truth.
Ø  Ethics reshapes the human abilities/Capabilities , Ethics are part of our second human/mother nature
Ø  It’s not necessary that a professional know all about ethics, ethics are base to learn
Ø  There is No end of life It’s just a beginning.
Ø  Hereafter is just a beginning.
Ø  Every act we keep ethics in sight, purity make us ethical.
Ø  People on earth must keep the ethics to reach the level of purity as ALLAH loves the purity
Never Satisfied?
Ø  Objects/things are purposes
Ø  Poor the most generous, content head and good and god loving.
Ø  Conditions between satisfied and unsatisfied
Unsatisfied will remain the same with so much, satisfied remain satisfy even without things
Ø  Satisfaction is not align to things or objects if we do so we could never be happy. Things object are paradigm in transition
Ø  A product or thing or object has both aspect good and bad
Ø  A leader is badge less, making a environment with positivity
Ø  Opinions/Expression/suggestions always to express, these are not subjects to object.
Ø  Out of fear is a life
Ø  Leave the comfort zone to break the ice
Ø  Walk to talk philosophy
Ø  Global Village
Ø  Effects
Ø  Dominant paradigm
Ø  War of narratives/terrorism
Ø  HSBC/Second Highest Bank
Ø  Exempt the tax on black money
Ø  Who made HSBC bank, corrupts?
Ø  Dominant paradigm failure?
Ø  Our life paradigm must be presentable, to show the difference between both.
Ø  Human a social animal according to western philosophy
Ø  Our Paradigm: Human is superior of all creatures
Ø  Creator given us this place
Ø  Human is blessed by creator by a lot of his characteristics
Ø  Human is a resource to capitalism
Ø  Khaliffah is limitless to get near to Creator
Ø  Self development needed to make the messenger strengthen.
Ø  Self and social development
Ø  Universal development to discover and explore the wonders of world
Ø  Development paradigm that effects every aspect of our life and to make a balance in every walk of life
Ø  Capitalism is all about capital by western world so talk about ethics and morals in west.
Ø  Institutional change to cover the ethical aspects. Our paradigm needs to be expressed and adopted
Ø  Risq Razak ka kam hay
Ø  Volunteer lovehood is mother hood
Ø  Love voluntarily and act voluntarily, give and make people learn to obviously excel.
Ø  Motherhood itself a golden paradigm
Ø  There is no comparison between the limited and limitless
Ø  Western knowledge focus on economics and paradigm is about economics rather the knowledge and wisdom
Ø  Social development and personal development
Ø  Make friends and your circle represents you, preaching Islam preaching peace.
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Ilham Tohti Says

China Change

By Ilham Tohti, published: September 17, 2014

The Uighur economics professor, and founder of Uighurbiz website, is on trial today in Urumqi on separatism charges. The following excerpts were compiled by Ilham’s close friend and Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser in February this year shortly after his arrest. The editor

Currently in Xinjiang, a developing tendency is that the authorities are over-extending anti-terrorism measures to conceal other problems in their name, including the incompetence of both the local governments and the security maintenance apparatus. In fact, the biggest problem in Xinjiang is not anti-terrorism, nor is it terrorism, but rather, the problem is that political power is unrestrained, unequal, controlled and monopolized by the very groups that profit from it.


I’ve seen this in Xinjiang: the more the authorities suppress religion, the more the Uighur people embrace religion. What should the government do? The government repeatedly applies pressure when…

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30 (more) new books on my Contemporary China reading list

Dr Jonathan Sullivan Hompeage


Its that time of year again: Crisp mornings, football on TV and a growing buzz on campus as more and more students return for class. Preparing syllabi, reading lists and otherwise getting geared up for a new semester’s classes is one of my favorite recurring tasks. In the autumn semester I teach a freshman module (c. 200 students), entitled Introduction to Contemporary China. It is a wonderful and challenging class: For one thing about half the students have rudimentary to zero previous exposure to teaching on China, while another half were born and raised in the country. The quest to get the pitch right, and to keep up with all the fantastic work being done in China Studies, requires a lot reading over the summer. My extended reading list this semester comprises about 350 titles, split evenly between books and journal articles. Online sources form a separate (long) list. Last…

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Text Of Fatah-Hamas Agreement In English

Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

Text of Fatah-Hamas agreement  posted on JPOST Following is the text of Thursday’s agreement between Hamas and Fatah as published by some Palestinian media outlets.

1. Government:

Empowering the Government of National Consensus and its ministers, each in his field and in accordance with the powers and functions entrusted to him in the National Reconciliation Document which was signed on April 5, 2011 in line with the Basic Law of the Palestinian National Authority.

Committing to overcoming the obstacles facing its work, as well as the integration of all ministry workers, and enabling all institutions, bodies and provinces to carry out their duties as stipulated in the Basic Law.

Fatah and Hamas affirm the need for the National Consensus Government to accelerate the exercising of its security duties over the areas of  the Palestinian National Authority in line with the laws and regulations, as stated in the reconciliation agreement of…

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Opening up the Open Data Movement

Diary of a Crisis Mapper

In the past year I have been attending a lot of conferences on Open Data and had several discussions with people, from the World Bank to the United Nations, on the IATI standard and how Open Data is (or not) impacting the development and aid work. From the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva, to the UN Transparency Working Group in New York, the issues that development and aid organizations, as well as governments worldwide are struggling with and trying very hard to solve, are not only related on how you open up data and make it available, but how you move from Open Data to transparency and accountability.

As I have mentioned in a lot of presentations the issue for me lies fundamentally under two main paradox: one is the intrinsic understanding from a lot of people in the Open Data movement that Open also means transparent and accountable…

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Social Media for Local Media and NGOs

Diary of a Crisis Mapper

In the last year, working as an Advisor for several organizations I have been training lots of journalists, mainly in small local community media, like community radio stations, and NGOs, on how to use social media for their work. One things needs to be noted: from country to country, and inside the country, from place to place, there is a huge difference in the awareness and use of social media that small local media and NGOs do.

I am referring here to small local media or NGOs because normally those type of organizations do not have the money to hire their own “social media” expert so they rely on their existing capacity to learn how to use those tools. On the side of NGOs is just because they too often think that the Social Media is part of their PR or comms system. Having said that, there are some who have learned how to…

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The Love

Its not beautiful what you see smell and listen but what you feel and what you feel make all blindfold and the world of heart such a wonder you may never conquer
The Love

Love is not a state its actually nature of your heart …
Its the world of your heart …
Rhythms of emotions …
Colored with feelings …
Its not what all you want …
Its everything you feel and desire everyone to acknowledge …
Its above chemistry and physics of body …its deeply indulged in soul …
Its source to knowledge …
Its an inspiration …its an institution …
Its purity is more than the word pure …
Its something UN-explainable with world of words …
Its so blue more then sky and deeper than sea …
No height is higher and no depth is deeper than love …
Love do not need explanations, its a world of fidelity … 

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